Bradley Bankhead

Bradley Bankhead, a Houston born artist, started his creative career at the age of 18 working as a freelance make up artist. After a couple years of runway shows and small commercials, he decided to make a change and pursue a career in fashion design. Bradley began to see his love for the Drawing and designing side of fashion design but not so much the actual construction of the garments, so with this new found knowledge he enrolled into art school and took private art course to sharpen his skills in drawing and painting. During this time, he opened an art studio which had an art market every couple of weeks which he used to sell piece and obtain a couple collectors of his art. As the years went by bradley started looking for another direction as the studio was a very good experience, he was looking for something he was more passionate about. It is important to mention that during all this time Bradley’s favorite hobby was always video games from when he was very young. Deciding to combine his love of art and video games he decided to go to school for game art and design. He enrolled shortly after and is presently in school.