Crystal Flanagan

Always looking for the beauty in the world, some might say Crystal Flanagan has her head in the clouds. She looks within and looks outward, always thinking of ways to make things better. Growing up with two older brothers, chaos was no stranger to her. Looking within is what helped her turn that chaos into beauty, growing compassion for the why instead of hate for the action. A mediator at heart she was able to help many, but when it came to expressing her own feelings she always came up empty. Discovering art would give her the voice she had always wanted, expressing herself through color, texture, and shapes instead. Most days she can be found tending to her many pets: The dogs need walking, the cats need pats (but not too many!), and the fish need their water changed. She finds immense joy in caring for them and helping them thrive. Very recently she has tried turning to the written word to express herself, but she knows it takes practice to be good at something. She hopes to be patient with herself and hopes you can offer her that same compassion.