Desiree Regidor

Desiree grew a passion for story-telling from a very young age. Born in Kendall, Florida, She had moved many times throughout the city of Miami to experience the many different cultures “The Magic City” provided. Growing up, she was fascinated of how story-telling can be used through television cartoons. Through watching them, she then grew a passion to drawing characters and making scenarios out for them as well. Now,she has reached her dream in pursuing a career in animation, learning the steps of telling her stories through many different computer programs and other techniques to enhance her story-telling. She currently works on original digital artworks/sketches, character sheets, and story-boarding scenarios in her free-time. She is also currently working on her first fictional novel and many short stories as well. Her main goal is to open her own Production studio, creating animated stories with a small team, and publishing them online for everyone around the world to enjoy.