Milagros Rottjer

Milagros Rottjer is a twenty-one years old woman born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. About three years ago she moved here to Miami, Fl to study and to start her own path in life by her own and since she is a wheelchair user, back at home it was really challenging for her to be able to accomplish this because most of the things are not adapted for wheelchairs. So as soon as she finished school, she moved here all by herself.
She attend to the AI Miami campus and she is doing her Bachelor on the Fashion Design program and hopefully graduating in June of next year. She decided to study fashion because her mum graduated as a Fashion Designer back at home and since her mum started studying, she was there to see it all. She even participated as her model in one of her fashion shows.
Her biggest hobby is doing makeup. She was always a makeup lover, but on this last years she became even more into it and started to take it more seriously. Currently she is taking a course to be able to perfect her skills and hoping to learn more and more, so maybe in the future it will become more than a hobby and she can be able to work on her two passions makeup and fashion.