Rogelio Silva

Rogelio Silva is a student born in Garland Texas to Mexican immigrant parents. Growing up without cable he turned to comic books and video games for entertainment, inspiring a lifelong love of both mediums. he is a creator to his core. He is an aspiring independent comic artist and game developer. Working in the Godot engine for game design for games inspired by retro games of old. As a comic artist he submits many small oneshots to rookie contests and occasionally uploads a small web comic to continue to hone his skills. He spends most his time every day studying and practicing his art, being diagnosed with dysgraphia at a young age and not blessed with natural talent his nonstop effort and hard work fueled by passion for creativity keeps him at a high level, Spending most if not all his free time dedicated to research and practice with hundreds of sketches and studies as well as a wealth of knowledge for technology. He is currently a 2nd year student at the Art Institute of Dallas looking to make waves as a professional game designer and comic artist as well as animator.