Rudy Garcia

Rodolfo Garcia is 29 years young. He was born in El Paso, TX. December 2016, he moved to San Antonio to pursue his career as an Architectural Designer. Many people call him Rudy for short and it is easier to pronounce then his actual name. When not at work or doing homework, Rudy enjoys being outdoors and improving his skills on architectural programs.  Also, he enjoys capturing photographs of the outdoors and classic cars. Especially good old American Classics. Coming in December he will graduate with his bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of San Antonio in Design and Technical Graphics. Once completing his degree Rudy is planning to work with an architectural firm or a drafting company. Lately with the current Covid pandemic he has learned Illustrator very well. So, he has been creating shirts, decals for family and friends. Knowing this program will open another door to a graphics design field as well.