Semarria Shoulders

Residing in San Antonio, Texas Semarria Shoulders got a start on her artistic journey late on. Semarria spent 9 years dedicating her life to the military and had no direction on what to do next. It wasn’t until she separated from the military and became a stay at home mom when she decided to do something different. She was inspired by her older sister who made lovely evening gowns and started her journey to fashion from there. Initially, Semarria wanted to make custom gowns like her sister, but found disinterest quickly which contributed to her transition of making custom kimonos and kaftan dresses. Semarria’s designs are inspired by her newfound lifestyle of being a stay at home mom, in addition to her home state Florida. She designs embodies the vibrant colors of the tropical culture and the silhouette of vacation life. Semarria hopes to start a small fashion line where she focuses solely on kimonos and kaftans for the average women to make them feel comfortable and fashionable .