Treacherous Love

I found my home in your arms

So warm and comfortable

I got lost in your eyes

Like an adventure in a chocolate sea

Your lips moved me like the wind moves the trees

Sometimes light and soft other times powerful and moving

Your love maneuvered through my veins

 like adrenaline making my heart race and my breath stop

I’m looking up at you

Feels like its third person point of view

But the screaming and abuse never stopped

You could see the bruises on my skin, but they were darker on my heart

I fell into that chocolate sea

drowning, sinking

You left my soul to abandon my body

Where it got lost in a realm with so many broken others

A place that was once warm and dewy turned frigid, but I couldn’t see my breath

Everything was quiet and cold until numbness submersed me inside

But I found a meadow calm and inviting

surrounded by trees like a wall that protected me

This time not just a home but a sanctuary

One where my blood runs clean and nothing consumes me